Manage Risk, control costs, increase resource effectiveness and keep control of the right resource pool through Nexus Group. Let Nexus Group manage the process of onboarding your independently identified and sourced resources. Our experienced Contractor Compliance and Administration Team along with robust back office will allow your organization to focus on your day to day business while we manage your contingent labour and payroll.

At Nexus we manage your worker classification process, back office compliance and risk profile by working with employers to align onboarding requirements and ensure no contingent worker is onsite without meeting employer requirements. In addition, as experts, Nexus will work closely with your contingent labour to provide an regular updates on the ever-changing workplace regulations. It is not enough to simply 3rd party manage your contingent labour and as such, Nexus truly stands apart by offering:

  • Regular updates on the changing workforce landscape and how both employers and workers can best protect themselves
  • Full back-office compliance
  • A robust SaaS based CRM to manage reporting, time, risk, documentation, etc.
  • Training